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02 May 2019

Best Cornish Wines

In the garden, snuggled by the fire, cosied up in the pub or on a picnic, you can’t beat a drop of wine to add to the ambience. From smooth reds to crisp whites to sparkling beauties, there is the perfect bottle for every occasion. 

So what could make your vino experience even more rewarding? Well, across Cornwall there are a number of fantastic wineries creating world-class wines, locally. Tease open a bottle, fill up your glass and let the exquisite tastes of Cornwall wash over your tongue.

To help you find the right tipple, here is our guide to the best Cornish wines.

Polgoon Vineyard

Dedicated to producing a variety of artisan Cornish wines and beverages, Polgoon Vineyard is a family-run vineyard and orchard in Penzance. Aiming to create exceptional wines from local ingredients, these producers take inspiration from the beauty of Cornwall. With a strong connection to land and sea, Polgoon have a strict recycling policy and make sure all of their wines, ciders and juices are certified vegan.

Seyval Blanc Sparkling White: Recipient of numerous awards, Polgoon’s Seyval Blanc tickles the nose with green pear and tingles the tongue with crisp and lively tones and a persistent mousse.

Seyval Blanc and Ortega White: Commended at the International Wine Challenge and Gold medallist at the Taste of the West Awards 2018, the perfectly blended and lightly oaked Seyval Blanc and Ortega White is the ideal accompaniment to cheeses, smoked meats and crisp salads.

Camel Valley

Producing wines since 1989, Camel Valley are multi-award-winning producers located on sun-drenched slopes above the Camel River. With too many awards to count, they have won Gold for Cornish Distinctiveness three times and have been both nationally and internationally recognised for the outstanding quality of their wines, even pipping Bollinger as the winners of the World Sparkling Wine Championships in 2009.

Pinot Noir Rosé Brut: Winner of hordes of awards and described as “a triumph”, “phenomenal” and “sublime”, this pinot noir rosé infuses floral and strawberry aromas.

Cornwall Brut: Camel Valley’s flagship wine, the Cornwall Brut is like a champagne blend but fresher and fruitier. Filled with “English hedgerow scents and a touch of honey on the palate”, it is perfect for all celebrations.

Bosuse Vineyard

A family-run vineyard, Bosuse Vineyard produces award-winning white, rosé and sparkling wines and brandy. With over 4,000 vines and using a variety of Cornish-grown grapes including rondo, regent, solaris, phoenix and orion grapes, they produce, process and bottle all of their wines on site. Featuring in regional and national competitions, they are a must try.

Sparkling White Brut: Silver medallist in the South West Vineyards Awards 2017, this delicate wine hits the palate with plenty of floral notes, a balanced acidity and a lingering mousse.

Quality Sparkling Rosé: Bronze medallist in the South West Vineyards Awards 2017, Bosuse’s rich-coloured rosé is made from rondo and regent grapes. 

Looe Valley Wines

Founded in 2008 by owners Charles Boney and Sue Brownlow, Looe Valley Wines perches on sun-soaked banks in the East Looe Valley. Connoisseurs of all things grape, the team at Looe Valley work hard to create local wines bursting with flavours. To get a first-hand experience, pay the vineyard a visit and enjoy a tour around the site. Warning, a bottle or two will be hard to resist!

Locrenton Red: Blending pinot noir with rondo and regent grapes, the Locrenton Red was highly commended by the South West Vineyards Association 2018. Look forward to a burst of blackcurrant, cherry and hints of plum.

Bacchus: A sylvaner-riesling cross, Looe Valley Wine’s refreshing Bacchus has a delicate elderflower perfume and notes of apple and grapefruit.

For something a little different

Healey’s Fruity Wines

Family-run Healey’s Cyder Farm produce a mouth-watering selection of country wines. Best served chilled and enjoyed under Cornish sunshine, choose from their delicious strawberry, elderflower and summer fruits wines.

Cornish Sunset

Christmas morning or summer BBQ with friends, the Cornish Cream Cornish Sunset is a unique sparkling bubbly made with the juice of succulent, fresh strawberries. Great for those with a sweeter tooth.

Knightor’s Vermouth

With years of experience under their belt, Knightor have created something pretty special. Following extensive research of base wines and local herbs, their collection of English Vermouths are filled with rich, intense aromas. Superb dessert wines, they are also brilliant in cocktails!

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