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16 February 2020

Cornish Pasty Week 2020

Every Cornish person has their favourite - so we thought we would give you our top ten places to grab a pasty in West Cornwall

The pasty is a staple of the Cornish diet and one we are all proud of. Although the staples of a proper Cornish pasty has diced or minced beef, potato, turnip and onion in it - each pasty maker has their own recipe that has been handed down for generations. And we won't even get into the crimping!

The History of the Pasty

"It was the advent of Cornish mining in the 19th century that really brought the pasty into its own and made it an important part of the life of so many Cornish families. Pasties were taken down the mines by the adults and children who worked there; the shape and size made them ideal for carrying, and they became the staple for the daily ‘crib’ or ‘croust’... It is thought that the miners gave the pasty its distinctive D shape too – the crust became a handle, which was discarded to prevent contaminating the food with grubby, possibly arsenic-ridden hands. " - Great Cornish Food Book

So here are ten of our favourite pasty stops, in no particular order...

1. Philp's Pasties, Hayle & Marazion

2. Lavenders, Penzance & Longrock

3. McFadden's, St Just

4. Hampson's, Hayle

5. St Ives Bakery, St Ives

6. Ann's Pasties, The Lizard

7. Gear Farm, Helston

8. Mount's Bay Pasty Company, Penzance

9. Etherington's, Redruth 

10. Harvey Brothers, Penzance & Newlyn

For more places throughout the county to pick up a pasty, visit The Cornish Pasty Associations website

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