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31 May 2019

English Wine Week - Laura Clerehugh

Find out more about Laura's favourite English Wine

What is your favourite English wine?

Polgoon Seyval Blanc Sparkling wine

Where is this wine made?

At Polgoon Vineyard and Orchard in Penzance, which happens to be just down the road from us.

Why is it your favourite?

It just tastes great and goes down a treat! Its so fresh and light with just a hint of pear!

What is the ideal dish to pair it with?

To be honest the last bottle I had of this was with pizza! I wouldn’t say it was the most refined of meals I could have chosen! The Seyval is well suited to heavier food as it has a good acidity to cut through food.

If you could enjoy this wine anywhere in Cornwall, where would it be and why?

Much like when I had the pizza I would enjoy Seyval anywhere but most importantly I'd have it with friends, maybe a BBQ in my garden or on the beach!

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