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10 December 2018

Coffee - From Berry to Bean

We do love a freshly brewed coffee at the Godolphins Arms, particularly when it's brewed from fairtrade beans!

The Godolphin is proud to use Puro Fairtrade Coffee Beans in every cup of glorious coffee that we make! Over the last 15 years, Puro has been donating a percentage of all coffee sales to the World Land Trust, to buy and protect rainforest in South America where the beans are harvested. They have saved 36,000 acres of rainforest so far…That’s 15 million trees! This week Jules, Chris, Tammy, Heike, Lola and Nadine went and visited Tom at the Cornish Coffee roastery based in Redruth and learnt about the process of coffee crafting from cherry to bean!

'Working alongside the World Land Trust, Puro uses profits generated from the sale of each bag of coffee to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America. Restoring habitats, reintroducing lost species and reinvigorating the land, where coffee is grown under the shade of native trees, has become a love for Puro. One that easily matches its love for fine coffee.'

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