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21 November 2019

Meet the Maker - Lucy Averill Photography

Meet photographer Lucie Averill, who will be at our Cornish Christmas Market next week - keep an eye out for her beautiful seascape and landscape photography.

 Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a photographer living in the West of Cornwall. I've always taken photographs, but it was only in 2016 that I made the decision to leave my job as a primary school teacher and concentrate full-time on my photography. Since then I have run 1:1 photography workshops, I photograph artworks for artists and galleries and I also make my own work. My photographs have been printed in various photography magazines and have been shortlisted in Outdoor Photographer of the Year and Landscape Photographer of the Year. In 2014 and 2018 I had images commended in the LPOTY and one is currently on exhibition in Waterloo Station. I can often be seen out on local beaches and in the landscape waiting for that perfect show of light!

What can people expect to find on your stall?

I sell photographic prints of my work. Many of these are seascapes or landscapes from places close to my home in Marazion. Some of these are limited edition prints and some are framed pieces. I make calendars and cards of my work, which will also be on sale. Any images on my Instagram or Facebook page can be purchased as prints.

Where did you get the idea to make your creations?

By spending many hours walking on the local beaches and in landscapes close to home, I see how ordinary places are transformed by light and weather. I am fascinated by huge cloud reflections in the wet sand, the patterns left behind in the sand as the tide recedes and how the landscape changes in mist or snow.

 What is your favourite part about the creation process?

Being on a beach in the moments before sunrise and after sunset, experiencing the light, mood and solitude, and deciding how best to capture this. I will often spend ages in the same spot, watching and waiting until all the elements come together.

What inspires you most

I am fascinated by the way the changing seasons, weather and light continually redefine a familiar place. I have revisited these locations many times, witnessing the ever-changing light and colour, capturing a moment in time.

Describe your creations in three words

Photographing fleeting moments

Where in Cornwall can you be found when not making and creating?

Drinking tea overlooking St. Michael's Mount after a lovely walk. 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas in Cornwall?

Blustery walks along the coast to work off that Christmas lunch. 

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