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24 February 2020

Sustainable Fish in Cornwall - Winter

Find out the what seafood you should be eating in Cornwall throughout the winter

"During winter, you can expect some spells of bad weather so some types of seafood are harder to come by. This is also breeding season for certain fish including hake, so there are some species to avoid eating at this time of year.  Good suggestions for sustainable seafood at this time of year are Fal oysters and queen scallops. Both are harvested by traditional sail or oar-powered fishing boats using lightweight dredges, and are delicious as well as sustainable!

Crab and lobster fishing starts to go a bit quiet at this time of year but if you can get them the quality is excellent as the crabs are full of meat as they aren’t shedding their shells at this time of year.  Mackerel and herring are occasionally landed at this time of year by handliners – handline caught fish is among the most sustainable available.  Netters are catching monkfish and occasionally spider crabs at this time of year- stocks of monkfish are doing particularly well at the moment so this is also a great choice.

Our small fleet of sardine ring netters are still catching sardines in Mounts Bay and off Mevagissey and these are delicious and very good for you. The season is nearing its end but these winter conditions have been very mild meaning that the shoals are still around."

Matt Slater, Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

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